Kelsey D Thompson

Art & Hobbies

Throughout my life, not everything has remained constant; however, the presence of art has become one of the pillars of who I am. As I mold clay and media into the structure I want, I can feel the art molding me into the person I am through patience and experimental learning processes. Ever since elementary art classes with my teacher Mrs. Grass, I have always looked to art as a way to express myself. I began more serious ceramics classes in high school, and one of my pieces received honorable mention in my county (you can see these white sneakers on my pottery page). In addition, a self-portrait mixed media piece I created was entered into the Morean Arts Center Museum contest.

I now practice pottery while throwing on a potter’s wheel on a regular basis. For the past year, this has been a grounding creative outlet for me through work and school prep. With the help of my artistic mentor Kayla and through my studio membership at Charlie Parker Pottery, I have created pieces small and large that I take much pride in. I hope that you can enjoy my art as much as I do.

I have also done an extensive amount of baking throughout my life. Crafting pastries and breads is just yet another outlet where I can use my hands and manipulate dough (similar to my pottery). The presentation of my bakes is something I value, because I feel this is a factor in the taste and the final product. Baking is a hobby in which my art and cooking skills combine to make something elegant and tasty.